Process of hardwood floor refinishing

Choose the proper method for maintaining your floor

A hardwood floor is known for being able to last generations, but only when properly maintained. This maintenance can come in the form of a process known as hardwood floor refinishing. It consists of sanding the existing hardwood floor until the finish is removed and then applying a new one. This method is used to eliminate all imperfections that can accumulate on hardwood floor over the years. It is a much more economical option than installing an entire new floor. Given that there are three main types of finishes – polyurethane, varnish and penetrating sealer – it is best to entrust refinishing your hardwood floor to highly qualified experts.

Rejuvenating your floor with the help of professionals

The hardwood floor refinishing Chicago experts you want to hire are the ones from the Peter Flooring company. With over 30 years of experience you are sure to receive the quality of service that you deserve. Hardwood flooring raises the value of your property – it is an asset that you should preserve with proper methods. Whether you wish to simply change the color of your floor or erase the flaws than accrued over time, picking the right specialists is crucial.



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